Monday, 8 May 2017

Lou's lookout

                        Lou’s lookout

Glow worms everywhere torches on torches off. Hush now be quiet or they will be scared. I try not to say wow but it is extraordinary so I do. It’s so dark and so many noises that scare me but it’s just my friends we scream so loud. The night is black and cold I shiver as I am happy I am so hungry and I want food. They look so cool I just want to touch them. It would be more fun if I wasn’t scared as much but it was still fun we went home singing to music that was playing. There you will have more fun when dark than light  a lot of fun in the bush with nature and animals. An exciting jaw dropping experience. You will have an amazing time there you won't regret it.You can find this place that is next to Lake Kaitawa and is located in Gisborne Region, New Zealand.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Interdependence work task

Hi everyone today I am going to talk to you about my interdependence work task ...

What we had to do was make a rap and draw a picture to go with it but it has to be about the holidays.
My group worked quite well together but we did make one mistake although it didn't really matter too much.
our rap was really good it had all of our things we did in the holidays it was the best i  my opinion but we didn't win a different group won but we gave it all we got and that wasn't good enough that is OK though.

Here are some photos of my group ...
Thank you, bye.