Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matariki workshops

Hi there today I'm going to tell you about Matariki workshops so on matariki, you may be wondering what is Matariki well matariki is a Maori new year and we are celebrating it by doing different activity's that are traditional. I got to do two activity's they were cooking and waving I learnt how to make a head band out of big leaves that are special to us. here are some pictures of the day

  • That day was too fun and I wish there was another one every day and before we did that we made flags of the five things that I want to improve on                 1. I want to improve on managing  my distractions.                                               2. I want to be nicer .                                 3.  I want to stay out of girl drama.             4. I want to finish my work on time .            5. I want to get better at writing .               6. I want to get to school on time because i'm always a bit late .
  •  I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


  1. The Matariki kites look fun I might do it next year.
    I think you will master your your things you want to improve this year!
    From Christina.

    1. That sounds fun Christina and Thank you I will try my best.

  2. Next time you take the photos, take it with an i-pad so we don't see you.
    Try better next time.
    From Christina