Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Holiday chapter book

Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about our writing task.
So what we had to do was we had to make a holiday chapter book well we did have other options but I chose this one. We had to make a chapter book containing the things we did in the holidays. First I chose 4 things that I wanted to share and then I wrote a summery about what happened after that I wrote the real thing and now I'm just finishing up here is a link to my Holiday chapter book

                                                        Holiday chapter book

OK so that was it for today I hope you enjoyed my short stories that are true and yes my dog still runs away every now and then. so Bye for now


  1. Wow Camryn!That story was amazing!It had a lot of detail and you described it very well,you put a humongous picture of what happened it was very clear.It looks like you tried hard keep it up!!!

  2. Awesome detail when you were shopping!

    1. Thank you Christina the shopping was hard work ;)