Friday, 22 September 2017

Scratch project

Hi everyone today I'm going to share with you my scratch and a reflection about it so here is the reflection:
What did you like about the task?
I liked that we got to learn something new and learn how to code amazing stuff and it doesn't take long to do.
What didn't you like about the task?
I liked all of it.
What was challenging about the task?
What I found challenging was that there were somethings that I didn't get.
Which 2 learning muscles did you use and how?

I used my noticing muscle when there was something wrong with my r but I fixed it so that it now is better then before. I also used my reasoning muscle when I didn't know how to fix the r but I got the hang of it so then I could go on to the next letter.
Here is my Name animation

Thank you for reading.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Jack and the beanstalk writing

Hi everyone today I'm going to share with you my writing for week 7 of term 3 and what we had to do was rewrite a fairy tale and for my fairy tale I choose Jack and the beanstalk I chose this one because in a production that I'm soon performing and I'm playing the role of Jack and it is a very important role to play so here is my plan and the real story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Jack and the beanstalk from another view plan:
  • Jack doesn’t take anything from the Giant
  • The giant is a Friendly person
  • There is a big misunderstanding.
  • There is another giant and he is real mad
  • The problem is different to the other story.
  • Jack and the Giant are friends.
  • Jack comes to visit the Giant everyday because he is lonely all the time.

       The real story of Jack and the beanstalk for real.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack. He was around the age of 10 - 12, a nice young man and all he wanted was a friend to play with.

One day, when Jack was out in the garden, playing by himself an old lady came up to him. She said “hello little boy, who are you playing with today?” “Well” Jack started then she rudely interrupted him and said “Look, can you please take these” she held out beans then said “in return of your snow white Cow, she is a beautiful one”.

      Jack looked confused, he asked “beans? why would we need beans? we already have some!” Jack was really confused. In the end Jack took the beans and said his last good bye’s to his only friend when he told his mum he traded a cow for beans she grabbed them from him and threw them outside.

     The next day Jack went outside and right in front of his eyes there was a great beanstalk. Jack was curious and decided to climb the stalk and see where it would lead. It lead to the KING OF THE CLOUDS he wasn’t a bad person although his son was, he wanted the throne all to himself. To do that he needed a plan his plan was to steal the golden harp and egg and if he was lucky maybe someone would climb up the beanstalk and then he will just blame it on them. The reason why he wanted revenge on his father is because his mother wasn’t a very nice person, and she doesn’t treat him right so she taught him the worst things in life and he didn’t like her not one bit  and from that day on he wanted revenge but he didn’t know how to do it. Now he finally has his chance.

When Jack climbed up to the castle and saw the giants and he was scared to death but when he least expected it the biggest giant of them all came up to him and said “ hello there how did you get up here? Why are you here? ? How did you get here oh well hi I am the biggest giant and ? you are …?” Jack was so excited to explore the place so he said “ WOW this place is so cool … Oh sorry my name is Jack what’s yours?” Jack didn’t even listen to the Giant and he just nodded his head and said
“nice name”  “you too”. The Giant son was so happy to see Jack that he ran full speed to greet Jack.

He was too late his father was already having so much fun with Jack and that gave him time to take the harp and he then went outside and said “guards get that boy he took my father’s most precious thing the golden harp!” Jack was so worried but the Giant said “but He can’t of he’s my friend he would never am I not right Jack … Jack … Jack” Jack had nothing to say but “ I would never do such thing like that cheek my bag if you must but I’m innocent I swear”

The Guards went over to his bag and cheeked it and then said “the boy is GUILTY” they then held out the magic harp and Jack said “WHAT I NEVER PUT THAT IN THERE” “ oh yeah then who did?!... Huh yeah thought so” the king said to everyone “it’s ok Jack did you really take the harp or not well it doesn’t matter at least we got it back but we will keep an eye on you though well back to playing”.
Later that day Jack had to go home so everyone said their goodbyes. The next day Jack came up again and this time the samething happend but this time instead of the harp it was the golden egg that was worth $1,000,000 and after that happened the King was furious with Jack and sent him to the dungeon and later that day the prince was celebrating and then at that moment the King walked into the room and saw him and then saw what he wrote down in his book and then he asked him “what do you have to say for yourself young man actually no save it for the dungeon that’s where you’ll be for the next couple of years and while you’re there tell the guards to release Jack and send him to me please”. Jack was thrilled to see the king so he said to him “Wanna play ball?” and can you guess what the answer to that question was? Well if you guessed that he said yes then you are right and they played everyday from then on.                        
                                    THE END

So that is what really happened did you know that? Or did you belief the other story (FAKE) ;)
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day!