Monday, 26 June 2017

Maori hand games

Hi there today I'm going to tell you about Maori hand games. On Wednesday I went to some really nice people that taught me how to do Maori hand games. When I got there I was a little nervous because I didn’t really get what we were doing but eventually I got it, we were learning different types of Maori hand games. First we learnt how to make a cup and saucer with string, we also learnt how to make a jellyfish. This was really challenging to me because I have never done this before but I soon got the hang of it and I could do it really fast. After that we went to learn how to use knuckle bones, I was really excited to do this because I have knuckle bones at home and that means that I can practice at home (if I want though). We learnt 4 different types of tricks/styles. Then we all came together to learn a game or two, one was called Hei tama tu tama and the other one was called hipi toitoi. They were both games maori people played in the olden days where there are no ipods and stuff like that this was how they entertained and warmed themselves.I really enjoyed learning these games because they are very interesting.
Here are some fun facts :
  • Using the string in the olden days helped to tell stories to the younger people
  • The knuckle bones in maori are called Koruru
  • The knuckle bones help to flexing your wrists
  • Back in the day people used to use stones instead
  • Back in the day people put rocks in poi and the boys usually did the poi                   

here are some photos of my group this is me 
                           We have mastered this one!
here is a video of me, Piper and Anika doing some string tricks sorry that I couldn't do a video of me doing hei tama tu tama or hipi toi toi. Thank you for reading and watching my blog post I really enjoyed doing this for you. Bye  

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  1. Awesome video Camryn, know I know how to do string games!
    From Christina.