Thursday, 27 July 2017

Quick write

Hi there this is my quick write blog post  and this is a story of two girls who find a ticket but don't know what it is capable of ...

                                            THE LOST TICKET
Hi there today I'm not going to tell you the story ... just kidding I will ... well most of it I don't really know the real story but I'll tell you all I know so at school one day two girls were walking down the path one girl said to me "I can't belief that this is the end." " The end of what?" I asked " the end of the story" so that's all I'm going to tell you but there are somethings you might of missed ..................................... ha I got you again so this is the real story.

" wow that was a great ride.""NO it was not, not one tiny bit!" "yeah yeah yeah."Jessie and Kate are best friends they did everything together. "Can we go on the next ride" asked Kate, Jessie turned round in shock "NO" she said. As they were walking home Kate found a ticket lying on the ground she looked around to see if anyone would claim it but everyone didn't pay any attention to her, so she slowly picked up. "Jessie" she said "Come look at this", Jessie payed no attention and walked away. Kate ran to catch up with her she showed Jessie the thing and they both took a closer look at it and gasped it was a ticket that said, A ticket for two a ticket for three a ticket for you a ticket for me.

 The girls laughed and walked away with the ticket in their hands. later that night Kate's mum could hear them  saying unusual stuff but she didn't care "Jessie"said Kate "your talking in your sleep again ... Jessie." "Zzz ..." "yes she stopped" and just then " Zzz" "Arg."

 The next day the girls walked down a dark dark valley and then all of a sudden the ticket started to glow next minute the girls started to shrink and then they got puled down into a ............................................................... different world! "Wow there is lots of fun things here that we can do" said Jessie " Yeah but there is one problem though we aren't in our world were in the ticket!" So at that time they looked up and saw that someone picked up the ticket and put it in her bag.
"Well that is not good I wonder what this place is called?" asked Kate "wee" said a voice coming from their backs "you're in the land of fun also known as the fun fair world" out came a fury pink dog and after her a person came looking for them "ah there you are wow you look different than  I thought" she said.

 " Excuse me and who are you" said Kate "hello" said Jessie "oh excuse me where are my manners I am sprinkles and this is my dog cupcake, we are your tour guides and we are here to.." "I know I know you are here to take us around the place right?" said Kate "that and to tell you you're new name." " my new name! I'm Kate and that's that no questions asked" "yeah and me too except for the name is Kate part cause my name is Jessie duh." Then suddenly pop out they went "we're free we're free we're free" until the next day ..........

 I haven't yet finished the rest of the story

                 thank you for reading this post and please leave a comment and read more  bye


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  1. I can't wait to see what happens next Camryn